VP of Engineering | White Plains, NY


Our Sales and Marketing Assistant, Jayme, received a phone call from an anonymous person, who claimed to be opening a new office in White Plains, New York, and needed a Structural Engineer with excellent leadership skills to manage the structural department of said office. She asked for his email address to send the details of our terms. The man spelt out the address, and the conversation ended. When Jayme checked the company’s website, the email the man gave to her belonged to a woman. She was confused, but sent the documents over anyway, assuming that she hadn’t had a 15 minutes conversation about the ideal Structural Department Head for this company for nothing.

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Three days later, Jayme hadn’t heard anything back from this mystery person or the woman she had emailed. She called the company’s office to sort this out. The receptionist answered the phone and had no idea who Jayme was talking about when she tried to describe who she had spoken to. She then asked the receptionist if it could have been the Vice President of Engineering, since he was a man. The receptionist said he had been on vacation for two weeks. Jayme then asked about the White Plains office, and the receptionist said, to her knowledge, it had not been confirmed that this office was even opening. Completely stumped, she thanked the receptionist and ended the call. After, she followed up on her previous email to the woman. While creating this email, the woman responded with our signed fee agreements and a full job description of who she was looking for. Jayme assigned this job order to our recruiter, Song, since she is most familiar of the areas within New York. Then, Song’s researcher, Julia, and Song took the reigns. Julia immediately hopped on the search, spending the rest of her workday finding the perfect match for this position. By the end of the day, she had found two ideal candidates, but there was one who really stuck out. Song began calling these candidates to schedule interviews. Both were scheduled for the following week. The candidate who Julia and Song thought would be a perfect match ending up having a second interview scheduled with the company. This candidate is now the Vice President of Engineering at the White Plains office, and we still have no clue who originally called us.


It’s important to always follow up on a lead. It’s even more important at DAVRON to work together as a team to get the job done. We always have each other’s backs and help each other however we can to bring success to this company.  Julia and Jayme are sisters, who worked together with Song to make one of the biggest closes DAVRON has ever had. There are many more to come.

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