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DAVRON Voted Best Engineering Resume Writer 2023We focus on optimizing your resume to maximize visual attraction to specific content, making it easier to identity who you are and what you specialize in.  We also understand the importance of generating a resume that is compatible with ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) and making sure your resume isn’t distorted and imports properly into modern hiring software.

7 Seconds…

That’s how long you have to make an impression, and stand out.  People often think that resumes full of graphics and colors will do the trick.  As recruiters, we know content is key.  We optimize the resume for crucial keywords and variations that will be searched for by hiring managers and recruiting professionals, so that if they are searching for someone with your skill-set you will be at the top of their list!

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This candidate utilized our outplacement services and received our help to polish the resume and portray the image he is looking to project. He was targeting an industry that he had a lot of interest in, however had little work experience. We emphasized the most relevant information first and gave him an attention catching objective summary. Although his resume looked nice before, it is not compatible with many ATS systems, because it incorporated graphics and much of the content was contained in content boxes. ATS systems often do not convert these types of resumes very well, and can often distort the resume and it's contents once imported. By reformatting the resume it becomes easier to read, compatible with ATS systems, and allows the reader to quickly find the most important information.

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This candidate utilized our outplacement services and received one-on-one consultation in order to polish his resume and optimize it for keyword relevancy. The before resume was “pretty” but it was not ATS (applicant tracking system) friendly. We corrected spelling errors and focused on optimizing critical keywords that would be used to search for someone with his skill ssets. By reformatting it and making it ATS friendly it increases the chance that the resume will appear at the top of search results and be seen by hiring managers.

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We’ve been helping engineers, architects and construction professionals find jobs since 1997.  We know what makes a resume stand out and quickly get you hired.

Writing a resume has many nuances.  When we write your resume, we will:

  • Create a resume that will look polished, professional and stand out!
    Hiring managers and recruiters often spend SIX seconds or less reviewing an individual resume. Davron’s experts will write you a keyword rich resume that will grab their attention right away as well as get you the interview.
  • Highlight your skills and accomplishments!
    Your professionally written engineering resume will come in a standardized format, with easy to read fonts and sections – your contact information, objective, experience, education, certifications, licenses, skills, software, and relevant keywords will all stand out.
  • Optimize your resume for keyword variations and modern recruiting systems!
    Software, licensures and certifications commonly used in the engineering, architectural and construction industries can be written in numerous ways. AutoCAD or CAD? Professional Engineer or P.E.? Registered Architect or A.I.A.?  Davron’s exclusive and internally tested search relevancy scoring and keyword tagging will make sure you’re found by hiring managers, recruiters and modern applicant tracking systems.  If someone is searching for your skills, your resume will be at the top of the list!
  • Replace the “objective” with a “qualifications summary”!
    Generic “objectives” may not align with the position you are applying for. Davron’s resume writing service will put together a “qualifications summary” with impactful, succinct sentences, spotlighting your most marketable qualifications. Your resume will grab the interest of the hiring manager immediately, so you stand out.
  • Add a project list!
    Writing a keyword rich resume with all your licenses and certifications will get you found by someone searching, however a detailed project list will seal the deal.  Our resume writing service, will create an easy to read section of key projects that hiring managers can easily relate to and get you that interview.