Pre-Employment Screening

We want you to hire with confidence and believe transparency is vital in the match-making process.  In addition to recruiting services, DAVRON also provides pre-employment screening to put your mind at ease.

*Services will be administered upon request.

DAVRON will qualify and evaluate candidate experience and qualifications and match the best talent with your criteria.  Further, a report will be provided with each resume, which includes a summary of qualifications, availability and desired salary.

Upon Client request, DAVRON will also complete reference checks, employment and educational verification. Clients who wish to do these tasks independently are welcome to do so as well.  The cost for these pre-screening tasks are inclusive of the base recruiting fee.  These services are not an exhaustive background check, but rather meant to provide answers to basic questions and for general information purposes only.

Background and Drug Testing

We will conduct background checks and drug tests upon request for an additional fee.  We are happy to administer these services on behalf of the client, or you may contact one of our preferred vendors directly:

Skills Testing

For an additional fee, DAVRON can also conduct skill testing for your specific role.  We know it’s important to have a realistic understanding of a candidate’s skill level, especially how it pertains to the specific position at hand.  DAVRON can provide the advantage of knowing more about your candidate’s skills during the hiring process, and will help you select the most ideal match.  Whether it’s basic computer knowledge, AutoCAD or C++, we can administer testing and provide an objective report that will help strengthen your hiring decisions.  Just let your Account Manager know your needs and we’ll tailor a solution just for you.

How can we help?

There are many staffing agencies out there, but few focus on recruiting engineers, architects, construction and manufacturing automation professionals.  Fewer still offer the recruiting expertise that DAVRON provides.  Work with an experienced and dedicated recruiter, who will fill your roles fast and with precision!  Contact us today to learn more.