Professional recruiting firms have distinct personalities generated by the character and spirit of their recruiter staffs, the style and values of the employers they represent, and the firms’ level of commitment to discretion and professionalism in matching candidates to rewarding careers – not just new jobs.  If you would like to work with us and explore such opportunities with Davron, please call 1-888-9DAVRON or submit your resume below.


“Clean Up” Social Media before a Job Search | How Social Media can affect your Job Search

Learn how social media can affect your job search. Potential Employers may research you online.  Surveys show that at least 70% of employers conduct social media research in their screening process.  Other studies say it could be up to 90% of employers use some form of social media screening in… 

The Benefits of Providing Outplacement to Laid-Off Employees

What is outplacement and what is available? Outplacement companies can help you and your human resources team during the layoff process. These companies offer a range of services, with corresponding levels of cost. They may include: Resume Writing Assistance Job Search Training and Advice Career Counseling Networking Access to Job… 

Resume Optimization

Original article, published in the Tampa Bay Times How resume optimization can work for you Optimization is the action of making the most effective use of a resource. Let’s be honest: Google is magic. Enter a few keywords and, TADA, it returns a list of local bakeries that deliver your favorite… 
You put what on your resume?

TMI – Resume Edition

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Original article, published in the Tampa Bay Times You put what on your resume? The purpose of a resume is pretty cut and dry: to exploit your professional background and skills to land yourself a new opportunity. As someone who works for a staffing agency, I have seen some of the…