Electro-Mechanical Engineer | Sarasota, FL


Our client, a manufacturer of motor operated drain valves, contacted us to find an electro-mechanical engineer. Specifically, the position called for electro-mechanical component and assemblies design. Further, extensive experience was needed with ProE CAD modeling.

Davron Solution

Davron deployed cutting edge data mining techniques to identify potential candidates. Due to a small manufacturing base in the client’s location, the local talent pool of qualified engineers was sparse. Although the client was willing to relocate, their preference was for local candidates. Several local engineers were identified, however salary requirements were outside of our client’s pay range. Further searching identified a local designer with extensive experience in both ProE CAD and electro-mechanical component design. Although missing a BS degree, the candidate showed exceptional skill and speed using ProE design software. The firm felt experience and skill trumped a degree and the candidate has been happily employed since.


The best recruiters not only execute searches well, but also educate their clients. They report on what kind of talent pool is available and the salaries they command. By working closely with our client manufacturer, we were able to identify what’s really important in this position…strong electro-mechanical ProE design skills. And now the candidate is learning more engineering skills working under the head engineer in a win-win scenario.

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