Electrical Engineer | Michigan


In early November, we received feedback from an engineering company in Michigan regarding an Electrical Engineer candidate sent via marketing efforts.  In response, we sent the resume over to the Vice President.  After he reviewed it, he informed us that this candidate didn’t quite match what he was looking for.

Davron Solution to locate an Electrical Engineer

The company had a rather difficult time finding an Electrical Engineer with a commutable distance from their office in the middle of Michigan.  The VP called to discuss the candidate, explaining why he didn’t feel it was the right fit.  While on the call, Eric located another candidate within our database who lived within 25 miles of the client’s office.  The VP asked for the resume and scheduled an interview.

The interview went well.  The VP was very interested in our candidate, and our candidate shared the same feeling about the company.  For the next month we negotiated to best suit the client and candidate, while ensuring everything was still on track.

Timing is everything.  It just so happens that at the time, the company was also moving to a new office.  This halted the placement process.  Our candidate’s concern was increasing about whether or not he was going to have a new opportunity by 2017.  Eric helped him through it.  We continued to relay information between both parties and keep everyone on the same page.


On January 4th, we received an official offer letter from the VP for our candidate.  On January 6th, our candidate signed the offer letter.  Now, our matching efforts have resulted in a patient candidate beginning a new opportunity on January 16th.

After exactly two months of negotiations, a new office, the beginning of a new year, and constant communication.  We found the perfect candidate for this company. New year, new office, new talent for our clients.