“Clean Up” Social Media before a Job Search | How Social Media can affect your Job Search

Learn how social media can affect your job search. Potential Employers may research you online.  Surveys show that at least 70% of employers conduct social media research in their screening process.  Other studies say it could be up to 90% of employers use some form of social media screening in their hiring process.

You don’t want to appear as though you have personal drama or unprofessional behavior that may cause red flags for potential employers.

Do yourself a favor, research yourself online.

  • Google your name, and see what comes up in search results.
  • Preview what your profile appears to public viewers.
  • If you have a personal website, does it show up in search results?  Is the content accurate, up to date, relevant, and portrays a positive representation of you?

Examples of appropriate things to post on social media:

  • Industry news or updates, or other content that is relevant to business professionals
  • Educational events and conferences
  • Professional and personal achievements
  • Sharing of photos and videos of interesting places, traveling, hobbies

What not to post on social media:

  • Profanity and vulgar language
  • Poor grammar and spelling
  • Rants about politics or religion
  • Sharing of photos or memes with explicit content – perverted jokes, partying or use of drugs and other illicit substances
  • Complaining about your present or past employment – whether it’s a boss, coworkers or customers Personal issues

Keep it G-Rated!

You want your online reputation to bring out the best qualities in you.  You want to show the best side of you to land an interview, and make a hiring manager excited to meet with you.  Social media can affect your job search.  You have control of your online reputation and can choose what content you want to share with the world.  You’ve spent the time to create a resume that stands out and a cover letter that grabs their attention – keep the same principles in mind when you’re evaluating your social media presence.

Having no social media presence can actually cause more harm than good.

While you may be tempted to lock down all your accounts and have no online presence whatsoever, this may actually hurt you more than it will help.  It may leave employers wondering what you’re hiding.  At the very least, a professional profile on LinkedIn with your resume is a great way to build your online reputation.  Upload a professional photo, and make sure your resume matches your profile.  This will allow you to connect with colleagues and show your industry engagement.

social media can affect your job search

With this social media audit, we hope you are able to land more interviews and get hired faster! If you found this information helpful, please share this article.  If there are any specific topics or questions you’d like us to cover, leave us a comment below!

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