Civil 3D CAD Designer | Tampa, FL


Davron publishes a candidate “hot list” of available technical and engineering talent. The list is available on our website and can also be subscribed to via email. An established civil engineering client contacted Davron upon receiving the resume of a land development P.E. Although the candidate brought valuable skills to the table, the position called for CAD production. After talking to the engineering firm, it was determined the best candidate would be a civil designer with extensive Civil 3D skills. It was also important for this designer to be local and have extensive experience in designing subdivisions, commercial and retail centers. The designer had to hit the ground running with minimal training and ramp up time.

Davron Solution

Using Davron’s internal database, the recruiter used very specific parameters to search for designers using Autodesk’s Civil 3D living within 20 miles of our client’s office. Initial results produced 211 possible matches. An email went to all 211, 14 responded, and three had all the required skills. All three resumes were submitted, all three were interviewed, one was extended an offer and is now a civil designer at our client’s firm.


Few staffing firms understand technical and engineering staffing. Fewer still have the resources and the internal database to instantly pull up hundreds of local candidates and contact them instantly. Davron has over 70,000 technical and engineering professionals in its internal database. All candidates are searchable by key skills, location, and many other fields. This resource, available only to Davron recruiters, plus our focus on technical and engineering professionals, give Davron an extraordinary advantage when it comes to identifying and placing technical and engineering professionals.

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