Architectural Interior Designer | St. Petersburg, FL


Mirna contacted Song through Linkedin and informed her that she was an Architectural Designer that planned on relocating to Florida in two months. After speaking with her and reviewing her resume, she got a better understanding of her skill set and the types of projects she enjoyed working on. She was a very enthusiastic and motivated designer so Song had no doubt that we would be able to find her a great, new opportunity in Florida.

DAVRON Solution

Davron reached out to several local firms in her new area to see if there were any opportunities for a young, talented designer. We received a response from a full-scale Architectural firm that specialized in commercial buildings, parks, entertainment venues, and more throughout Florida. They were impressed with her skills and experience so we set up a phone interview right away, followed by a Skype interview. She received an offer shortly afterwards and now she is a proud member of a well-established firm where she can continue to grow as an Architect.


The most important factor for this situation was consistent communication. Since Mirna and the client were in two separate locations for the majority of the time, making sure that they had constant communication with each other on regular basis definitely made this transition easier and that’s what Davron strives to do.