Monster Job Search Mobile App

Monster Job Search Mobile App

Two critical mistakes you could be making while using the Monster Job Search mobile app

While there are a lot of great advantages this tool has to offer, there are also a few shortcomings that could be affecting your job search if you’re not careful. In this article, we’d like to bring your attention to these issues and hopefully you can avoid making these mistakes in your job search.

In today’s modern age, Monster is an incredible resource for connecting job seekers and companies together. Companies use it to identify and locate the talent they need, and likewise, it provides a database of opportunities to job seekers to apply to. It empowers job seekers like never before!

Monster’s mobile job search app boasts a few great features such as: their new swipe-to-apply; criteria based search for jobs near you; ability to keep track of conversations with companies; and finally, a beautifully designed modern “mobile resume”.

For the purpose of this article, I’ll be focusing specifically on the swipe-to-apply feature and mobile resume, and show you some major issues we’ve experienced with job seekers using these tools.


We first found out about this after interviewing a candidate. We asked her what she liked about our company, and found her response perplexing to say the least. She said she applied “on accident” and thought she might as well interview with us to see what it was all about. Our first thought was, “how do you apply for a job on accident”? It wasn’t until we learned of Monster’s swipe-to-apply that we realized how something like that could have happened.

Monster’s new swipe-to-apply is a lot like “Tinder for jobs”. While the swipe left/right feature is a wonderfully efficient way to apply for jobs, use caution. A potential relationship with your employer should be treated with much more care than fishing for a first-date. You’re asking for a long-term commitment from an employer, and employers are expecting the same if they invest in you.

Be mindful of each and every company you swipe right for. Research the company and the position before you apply. Old-school principles still apply when using this new-age technology. That way, when the question of why you want to work for them comes up you will have more to say than, “I’ve been applying to a lot of jobs,” which can be an instant turn-off for hiring managers looking for serious applicants.

Mobile Resume

First, I had to ask myself, “what is a mobile resume”? I think the basic idea Monster was trying to achieve with this feature was to provide a framework for users to input their information and generate a resume on the go.

On the front end, you will see a section where you can create a “profile” in the app. Here you can fill in your name, contact information, current title and company, education, and then move on to the next screen. From this point you can either upload a resume, or use the profile feature within the app to help you write one. The problem is too many job seekers are skipping this step, and I genuinely believe they have no idea what information is going out to potential employers.

They say, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, so the best way I can illustrate this point is to show you how it appears when not done properly:

I think now you can see why this would affect your job search efforts. We receive tons of applications exactly like this one every day. The mobile resume is really just a page with your profile. It might look good on your end, but it just looks awful (and unprofessional) once it gets into the hands of an employer. So, what can we do to fix this?

The good news is, this is really easy to correct! Simply upload your actual resume (word or PDF) to your Monster profile. You can either do this in the app itself by using Dropbox or Google Drive; or you can even login to your account from a desktop and add the resume to your profile from there. Once that’s done you’ll be able to preview the document from the app. Now whenever you swipe right, your real resume will be sent off to employers. If you don’t have a resume yet, take the time to build one using a template from Microsoft office or Canva.

If you’re taking shortcuts while using this app, your competition is winning the attention of potential employers and rightfully so. Even worse, if you’re in a professional or competitive field, you’ll find hard luck landing that dream job. In the app Monster also states that “Uploading a resume improves your chances of hearing from employers by 4x!” Please heed their warning. If you do the math, that’s a lot! You could already be competing with 100 other applicants, and maybe the hiring manager will narrow it down to 10 of their best applicants – do you think Mr. Iwanna Job’s resume would make it to the top of the pile?

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“Uploading a resume improves your chances of hearing from employers by 4x!” – Monster

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