Assistant Superintendent


Our previous client referred one of his colleagues to our firm’s services after we successfully placed a candidate with his team. Once Blake had a chance to connect with the President of the company he quickly learned their current needs and started a dedicated search for a couple of openings. He started the search at the end of December 2017 and located a qualified Assistant Superintendent for their team.

DAVRON Solution: Our resources can locate and identify the best local talent.

Our client lacked the resources to locate local talent with the correct skill-set which was necessary for the current growth of their firm. Once Blake executed the search it wasn’t much longer until he located the ideal candidate. He was currently working as a consultant due to the employer not having a full-time position at that time. This was an entry-level candidate with a desire to grow in the Construction Management field.

After our candidate had a chance to meet with our client we knew we had a match. We consider ourselves matchmakers here at DAVRON and it always feels good to capture that feeling. Our client was responsive and the candidate knew what he desired to make the career move.

Our client moved forward with an official offer letter which we provided to our candidate for consideration. After a quick phone call to the candidate for review and further discussion he accepted the position! Our dedicated search efforts located this talented individual and he is eager to start his position as Assistant Superintendent.


December 20th, 2017, Blake opened up a position for our client as requested. He was sent a detailed job description which allowed us to hone in on the correct talent. January 5th, 2018 the interview was in place and by January 6th we had a signed offer letter, placing a qualified candidate. Our candidate started his first day of work on January 15th and is very excited about the opportunity to grow with a great firm.

Blake was able to communicate with the client freely and had clear indication on their needs. Our candidate was introduced to an opportunity that will provide him the growth and career advancement he desires. We wish that the relationship last for years to come and look forward to assisting our client for their future hiring needs.