5 Tips for Staying Productive in a Remote Work Environment

Staying Productive in a Remote Work Environment

Set up a Designated Workspace.

It’s easy to get distracted by household duties and family responsibilities while at home. Studies show an important element in helping you focus on the task at hand is to create a specific workspace dedicated to it. Whether it’s e-learning, creative arts, or working from home, creating a space in your home that is both comfortable and functional for its purpose is crucial to your success.

Having a specific space in your home where you “go to work” is ideal. An actual room that functions as a home office is the best option, but a desk or table that you can routinely sit at is a good option as well. Studies also show that having a separate work and sleep space is important, so it’s advised to avoid bedrooms.

Make your work space an area that is both comfortable and functional, so you’ll want to spend time there. Make sure you have a comfortable chair, organize yourself with filing systems, office supplies, and keep everything you need within easy reach.

Regulate your Working Hours.

Establish times to start and end your day, as well as break times in between. Hold yourself accountable to specific work times to help prevent you from developing bad habits that can be counter-productive. It’s easy to be distracted by chores and other responsibilities at home, so it’s crucial to maintain work specific hours and keep household hours separate. This also signals to family members and co-workers that you treat working from home with as much care and attention as you would reporting to the office.

Make a Daily Plan.

Set yourself up for success with a daily plan. Establish 3-5 key tasks that you need to prioritize for the day. Having goals set for the day will help you stay focused and on track. When you proactively set an intention for the day, you will have an increased chance of being productive and successful in your work.

Create a Morning Routine.

While the idea of rolling out of bed and walking into your home office wearing your pajamas may sound appealing, studies show that it may actually negatively affect the quality of your work. Treat yourself like a professional. This means getting ready for work as if you were going into the office, such as maintaining your grooming habits, or making morning coffee or breakfast as you normally would.

Stay in Communication.

Feelings of isolation can be an unintended consequence of working in a remote environment. This is why effectively communicating with co-workers may be even more important while working from home. Use software programs, such as Zoom or Skype, with video conference capabilities to stay in touch with your colleagues.

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