Recruiting Videos Can Help Your Company Make a Great First Impression

Recruiting Videos Can Help Your Company Make a Great First Impression

“Thank you for coming in today. Please proceed this way to our conference room, where we will meet you soon. As you enter the conference room, you feel chilly, the walls are bare, and you can hear people talking outside the door. “

“Welcome. Thank you for stopping in today. Please proceed straight ahead to our meeting location. I’ll get the hiring manager in here as soon as possible. Please watch this brief film to learn more about our company while you wait. As the receptionist works on loading the film, you can see company images, staff accomplishments, and the company’s mission statement hung on the wall.”

Which company gave you a welcoming feeling?

During an interview, hiring managers want to spend as much time as possible learning about and understanding a potential candidate’s background. This leaves the hiring manager with little to no opportunity to “sell” the organization. Why not make it simple and use a recruitment video to do this before speaking with the candidate?

Three key elements of a successful recruiting video:

  1. Recruiting videos should be no more than two and a half to three minutes. Make sure that your video starts off with your company branding. This can be a wrapped company vehicle, a shirt with the company’s logo, or even the building with your office sign. Seeing your branding in a local neighborhood will help individuals recall the company executing a particularly unique project. Every potential candidate is curious about a company’s core values. Ensure that your key beliefs are emphasized throughout the video. Repeat at least twice to make them stand out. Do you believe in flexible schedules for work-life balance, a unique gym membership to promote healthy living, or family picnics to demonstrate family gratitude, make sure to mention that?
  2. Testimonials are really important! A new hire will benefit from listening to testimonials from existing employees and their personal views on the company’s culture. Have a minimum of three employees working in various departments. Make the testimonies as diverse as possible. Inquire about things like: Why do you enjoy working here? How long have you been a part of our team? What do you look forward to each day at work?
  3. Film what a day is like on the job. Allow the candidate to view a day through the eyes of all departments. This will provide the candidate with insight into the inner workings of the company and what it is like working behind the scenes.

How will your future candidates view you company’s first impression?