Finally…. Relief for your Business

Do you wonder how the extra $300 federal unemployment benefit has impacted some employment sectors?

A recruiting crisis is affecting businesses across the United States. They’re having a hard time filling open positions, and reports suggest recipients earning additional federal unemployment benefits has created competition between businesses and the federal government. The federal government currently provides an additional $300 per week to each American receiving unemployment benefits. 

The $300 per week in addition to current state unemployment benefits (currently averaging $468 per week across the US) means the average person is earning $40,000 per year to remain unemployed.  However, as of June 26, 2021, 23 states will opt out of the federal programs leaving Americans scrambling to gain employment.

Are you having trouble finding people to hire?

You’re not on your own. Many companies in a variety of sectors are having difficulty finding eligible applicants. Potential candidates now have an overwhelming amount of companies they can apply to. Businesses are also increasing their workforce to keep up with increased demands, which is leaving many of companies with unfilled openings. 

According to recent studies, health issues are also still on everyone’s mind and the labor force is seeing a shift in occupations as a result, leaving a shortage in many sectors across the United States.

What will drive a new employee to your company?

Many companies spend countless hours reviewing resumes and applications just to find a small number of candidates who meet the qualifications. How does a company retain a loyal employee and not lose them?

Increased pay, benefits, training, promotion opportunities, and employee appreciation are the most important factors that prospective workers consider when searching for a new career.

What DAVRON can do for you?

Executive Search Services for Employers

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