DAVRON: Innovation and Community Growth Nominated by Pasco County EDC’s 35th Annual Awards

In the realm of economic development and community enhancement, few accolades carry as much prestige as the Pasco Economic Development Council’s (EDC) Annual Awards. Each year, this event gathers prominent business and community leaders, drawing attention to businesses and individuals that have made significant strides in contributing to the local economy and improving the quality of life in Pasco County. Among the distinguished nominees, Davron has emerged as a beacon of success, earning a nomination for its remarkable achievements in job creation, capital investment, civic involvement, and community enrichment.

Davron's Rise to Recognition

Davron’s journey to recognition began with a transformative vision – the conversion of an abandoned building into a bustling hub of productivity. Davron saw potential where others saw decay.  Taking an abandoned former church building and breathing new life into it, Davron created a space that defied expectations. With a commitment to revitalizing the structure, the company has invested in extensive renovations, bringing it up to code and igniting it with a renewed energy. 

A Beacon of Employment and Empowerment

What truly sets Davron apart is their commitment to their employees and the broader community. They have transformed the building into a hub of economic opportunity, providing jobs to 30 individuals who play a pivotal role as primary breadwinners for their families. As a leading employer in Pasco County, Davron offers a gateway to promising careers in technical recruiting. Moreover, they offer training that empowers their employees, regardless of their prior experience, to excel in their roles and earn six-figure salaries.

As the company continues to grow rapidly, it has been instrumental in driving economic development within Pasco County. Over the past year alone, Davron has brought 13-14 new employees from Pasco and northern Hillsborough counties on board. This not only contributes to the growth of the company but also injects vitality into the local job market and economy.

Work-Life Balance and Benefits

Davron’s appeal as an employer extends beyond mere financial gains. The company’s focus on work-life balance, evidenced by their 10-5 work hours from Monday to Friday, resonates deeply with their commitment to employee well-being. Additionally, their provision of snacks and coverage of 70% of healthcare insurance costs for employees and their dependents exemplifies their dedication to nurturing a supportive work environment. This holistic approach to employee well-being underscores Davron’s commitment to nurturing a thriving workplace culture.

Technological Innovation and Industry Influence

As the preeminent engineering and technical search firm, Davron’s approach stands out for its innovative use of technology. With a fusion of artificial intelligence, data mining, web scraping, and proprietary software programs, Davron connects engineering, architectural, construction, manufacturing, and robotics professionals with industry-leading companies. Davron has revolutionized the recruitment landscape. Their proprietary software programs and matching technologies have set a new standard in data mining and talent matching, connecting top-tier engineering and architectural talent with leading companies.

Community Enrichment and Philanthropy

Davron’s impact extends well beyond its business operations. The company’s commitment to Pasco County shines through its involvement in various philanthropic endeavors. Their pledge to give back to the community led them to undertake projects such as school supply drives, disaster relief efforts, and holiday toy drives. Notably, Davron’s annual Back-to-School Supply Drive for Christian Social Services (CSS) exemplifies their dedication to uplifting the community. By providing essential resources to disadvantaged families, Davron demonstrates its role as a socially responsible corporate citizen.

Pasco County EDC Partnership

The Pasco Economic Development Council has played an integral role in their journey, offering vital support during their expansion efforts. The EDC’s assistance in building permitting and operational support expedited Davron’s expansion into their new building. This collaboration enabled Davron to contribute to the local economy by creating job opportunities and fostering a vibrant community.

Davron and Its Fellow Nominees

Davron’s nomination for the Pasco EDC’s Annual Awards is a testament to their multifaceted contributions to Pasco County. From transforming abandoned spaces into thriving centers of employment to championing technological innovation and community involvement, Davron embodies the qualities that this esteemed award recognizes. By excelling in job creation, capital investment, and civic engagement, Davron has not only elevated its status as a leading employer but has also played a pivotal role in improving the quality of life in Pasco County.

This year’s roster of nominees exemplifies the vibrant diversity of Pasco County’s business ecosystem. Among the distinguished nominees are:

Each of these nominees brings a unique blend of innovation, commitment, and community engagement to the table, shaping Pasco County’s economic landscape and enriching its societal fabric.

The Anticipated Celebration

As Pasco EDC’s 35th Annual Awards 2023 draws closer, the excitement builds. With such an impressive roster of nominees spanning diverse categories, the event promises to be a showcase of entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, and community dedication. As Pasco County continues to evolve and flourish, these nominees serve as beacons of inspiration, lighting the way for a brighter future for all residents.