Interview Tips | What to do Before, During and After a Job Interview

Interview TipsJob seekers in recent years are faced with intense competition for career opportunities. The ability to effectively communicate your abilities to employers during an interview is very important.

Employers spend a lot of time and resources in the recruiting and interviewing process. As a candidate, you need to demonstrate how your skills and experiences can add value to the employer. The tips below will help to ensure a successful interview.

On the day prior to your interview:

  • Confirm the directions, the name of the company contact, the phone number, and the scheduled interview time.
  • Review the position description so that you are well versed in the requirements.
  • Visit the company’s web site, if they have one, so that you may become knowledgeable about the company and their line of business.
  • Prepare a list of questions that you may want to address with the interviewer.

In other words, be organized and be prepared!

On the day of the interview:

  • Wear professional attire – make sure your clothes are cleaned, pressed and well fitted.
  • Do not wear an over-abundance of makeup, perfume or cologne.
  • Allow yourself sufficient travel time (keep in mind the traffic, construction, etc.), but arrive no more and no less than 15 minutes earlier.
  • Take a copy of your Davron-formatted resume with you.
  • Carry a portfolio or briefcase with your resume, pens, etc.
  • If you smoke, try not to do so immediately before the interview.

During the interview:

  • Make eye contact when talking, spoken to, and when shaking hands
  • Sit straight – don’t slouch or put your elbows or hands on the interviewer’s desk
  • Avoid ‘bad-mouthing’ previous employers or sharing negative job experiences
  • Verbalize your strengths and how you could be an asset to the company
  • Try to keep your answers brief, short, and to the point
  • Relate your skills to the responsibilities of the position for which you are interviewing
  • Smile
Upon ending the interview, thank the interviewer for his or her time and express your interest in the opportunity if this is the case

Following the interview:

  • Call your Davron Representative to discuss how the interview went
  • Promptly send a ‘Thank You’ letter – thank the interviewer for meeting with you and let them know you’re interested in the position. Tell them you look forward to hearing from them


You only have one chance to make a ‘first impression’ – make it a good one!

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