Urban Designer | Denver, CO

DAVRON gets the job done in 6 days!

On October 12th we were contacted by an engineering firm. They had begun work on a large project in Nevada and needed an Urban Designer “yesterday”.

With urgency, we began our efforts to locate them a talented candidate.  That afternoon we found a landscape architect with experience in urban design, and he was very interested in learning about the engineering firm’s opportunity.

After reviewing his resume they were ready to meet him the next day.  At 4:30pm on October 13th they interviewed.  There was a great connection between them.  Our candidate was very excited about the project in Nevada, he saw it as an amazing opportunity.

The firm needed a couple of days to think it over and decide how they wished to proceed.  After discussing internally they decided that he could be the very person they were looking for.  On the 17th of October they presented him with a great offer, which he immediately accepted and started the next day on October 18th.

It was a pleasure to assist this engineering firm in their time of need and be able to connect our candidate with an amazing opportunity to work on a once in a life time project.