Top 3 Questions to Ask at the End of Every Interview

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As the last step of any interview, it’s standard practice for an interviewer to ask if the interviewee has any questions. If you say “no”, you’ve just missed out on a huge opportunity to further reiterate why you are the perfect candidate for this position. You’ve also shown that you haven’t done your research or, worse, the interview has made you uninterested. Either way, you’re giving the interviewer a bad vibe. Here are three questions you should always ask at the end of every interview to establish sincere interest in the opportunity.

How would you describe your company’s culture?

Chances are you’ve already discussed the company’s culture throughout the interview. Though you should have a general idea of what it’s like, you should still ask this question so you have a full understanding of their internal environment. It will get the interviewer thinking while creating a gateway for more conversation. In addition, it’s a great time for you to assess how well you’ll fit in with this organization if you do get the job.

What attributes make for a successful employee at your company and in this role?

This is another conversational gateway. Hopefully, you have at least one of these attributes and can recall a time you’ve successfully applied them. However, if none of them are spot-on with your skills, rack your brain to think of a time when you most closely resembled a similar attribute. If you really want this job, you can position yourself to be that candidate they’re looking for. After all, an interview is basically selling a service (your skills) in hopes of earning a profit (salary), so positioning is key.

I’m really interested in this position, what’s the next step in your hiring process?

This is the most important question to ask, and it’s also a great closer. Not only will it give you peace of mind so you’re not waiting by the phone, but it also reiterates your interest in the role. The interviewer will most likely go through the steps of what you should expect while they make their decision. Pay close attention, and use this information to write a stellar thank you letter.

The bottom line is you never want to say you don’t have any questions. There are things you should absolutely know by the time the interview is over. This includes if you’re qualified, if you’ll fit in, and what’s next. So the next time you’re in an interview and asked if you have any questions, remember these three thought provokers, smile and fire away.

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