The Maddox Trifecta | Engineering Staffing Specialist


As an Engineering Staffing specialist, Eric Maddox’s focus and expertise is finding engineers and architects of various levels to meet my clients’ staffing requirements.  He particularly enjoys working with engineers, since he understands their work and skill sets better than most.  Matching these talented individuals with the right opportunity is his specialty.  For instance, he was given the task to find three different types of Engineering Designers for three different firms.

Davron Solution for Engineering Staffing

First Position: Civil 3D Designer in California

This company was very particular with who they needed and their qualifications. The search was not an easy one.  Civil Engineers and Designers were tough to find locally, but Eric found their Civil 3D Designer!  While other Engineering Staffing firms may shy away from a tough role, he loves a challenging search and he will dedicate himself to your requirement.

Second Position: Transmission Line Designer in Tampa Area

Eric found this company’s new designer in another state.  He was willing to relocate to Florida and had found a new home in Tampa!  Eric’s client was very appreciative of the hard work he put in to help fill their requirement.  It was rewarding to know his efforts not only offer a rewarding opportunity to change someone’s life, but also brings great value to the clients he works with.

Third Position: HVAC Design Engineer in Tampa

Eric’s client needed someone who could help them out immediately, and they needed this talent to be local.  He found their local HVAC Designer!

Now that is what I like to call a “Trifecta”!  Three new employees starting at three different companies in the same week!

“I’m not the guy to find you a surgeon, a nurse, or someone to move your office, but I absolutely specialize in engineers and architects!  Engineering Staffing is my life.”, -Eric Maddox

For a sample of the positions he loves to work, take a look at his openings.

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