Project Manager | Codes & Zoning | New York, NY


Our client covers the full spectrum of code, zoning and land use issues that building owners, financial institutions and large tenants encounter. The candidate needed to have a well-balanced mix of architectural skills along with construction management/administration skills. A Project Manager with an architectural background that would work with the codes division to learn and implement new building approvals, ALT 1 and ALT 2 approvals, zoning changes, and building code reviews.

Davron Solution

The recruiter searched through many job boards on a weekly basis. It wasn’t the easiest search because we had to find a Project Manager with an architectural background along with construction experience. And this person wouldn’t be designing or overseeing design projects anymore so we had to find someone that would be open to taking their career in a new direction. The most important factor of this search was consistency. After numerous candidates contacted and profiled, one was identified that wanted to take her career into a different direction from architectural design, and this type of work seemed very interesting to her. She was making a bit more at her previous position but after discussing the positive aspects of this opening and the company offering her a salary increase after a three month evaluation, she accepted the offer and is now a valuable member.


Recruiting involves much more than just matching candidate skills to job requirements, although that’s where it begins. It also involves the ability to understand candidates as well as our client’s unique positions. Only a recruiter specialized in engineering, architecture and construction can put it all together and fluidly recruit across all fields. This unique search involved many technical and soft skills learned from our specialized recruiting niche.