Mechanical Engineer | Product Design


Cody was conducting a search throughout the country for Mechanical Engineers specializing in product design.  In pursuit of candidates for this opportunity, he reached out to a candidate who was not the right for this particular opportunity, but he was nonetheless seeking a new position.

The candidate was a steel estimator/checker for the steel construction industry. He and Cody had a great conversation about the work he did and would like to do.  The candidate’s ideal position was with a steel construction firm that would allow him to utilize his vast knowledge in steel.

DAVRON Solution

Cody instantly recognized that this type of candidate, with his background and skill set, was in high-demand.  He searched our database for any past or current positions in his industry.  The results brought back a former client of ours that our Sr. Recruiter, Blake Coen, had been working with.  They submitted this candidate and inquired if they were in need of a great steel estimator.  The client looked at the resume and wanted to interview him right away.

It was a perfect match!  The interview went well.  Both the client and candidate liked each other a lot.  It was a great company to work for, and he really wanted to work for them.  After considering other opportunities he decided that our client was the best place for him.  He accepted the position and started to work for them shortly after.

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