How to Write a Standout Resume

tips to write a stand out resume

A standout resume is essential for job seekers looking to make a strong impression on potential employers. One important aspect of a standout resume is formatting it for applicant tracking systems (ATS). An ATS is a software used by recruiters and hiring managers to scan and sort through resumes electronically. The system scans resumes for specific keywords and qualifications related to the job opening. If your resume does not contain the right keywords or is not formatted correctly, it may not be picked up by the ATS and could be overlooked by recruiters.

To optimize your resume for ATS, there are several steps you can take:

  • Research the job posting and include specific keywords and phrases from the job description in your resume
  • Use a simple, easy-to-read font such as Arial or Times New Roman
  • Avoid using graphics or photos, as these can often be incompatible with ATS software
  • Use proper formatting, such as headings and bullet points, to make your resume easy to read and scan
  • Use common format such as PDF, doc, or docx
  • Use proper keywords and phrases throughout your resume, including in your skills and experience section
  • Use a clear and simple resume layout that is easy to read
  • Avoid using too much formatting, such as bold or italicized text, as this can make it difficult for both the hiring manager and the ATS to read your resume
  • Avoid using tables, graphs, or other non-text elements
  • It’s also important to keep in mind that your resume should be one to two pages long.

When a resume is not formatted correctly for an ATS, common issues that can occur include:

  • Recruiters are unable to locate the resume in the system
  • Keywords and qualifications are not being picked up by the system
  • The resume is not being properly scanned and is being overlooked

Davron Outplacement can help!

Working with Davron Outplacement services can also be a great advantage as you will receive a professionally written resume, optimized for keywords and applicant tracking systems. Our recruiters have the expertise and experience to understand what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for in a resume. With our support, you can increase your chances of landing the job and achieving your career aspirations.

Our recruiters will work with you to understand your skills, experience, and career goals. They will then use this information to craft a resume that highlights your strengths and qualifications, while also including the right keywords to optimize it for ATS. They will also review and edit your resume to ensure it is easy to read and understand, making it more likely to be noticed by recruiters and hiring managers.

You’ll also gain access to our vast network of employers and job openings. We can help you identify job opportunities that align with your career aspirations and connect you with employers who are actively looking for candidates with your skills and qualifications.

In conclusion, formatting your resume for ATS is crucial for getting noticed by recruiters and hiring managers. By including the right keywords, using a simple and easy-to-read format, and avoiding graphics and photos, your resume will be more likely to be picked up by the ATS and stand out to recruiters. And working with an outplacement service can help you in landing a new position faster.