Civil Engineer


In January 2019, DAVRON recruiter Cody Burdick reached out to a Civil Engineer for a position he was trying to fill. Unfortunately, the candidate was unable to take the position at the time because he was caring for his children while his wife was working. However, Cody asked the candidate to reach back out to him when he was ready to return to the workforce. He had no idea that when the candidate did reach back out, DAVRON would be able to secure him a job offer in only 9 days.

DAVRON Solution

On September 10th the candidate contacted Cody and let him know that he was ready to find a great new job opportunity. Cody had a long conversation with the candidate about what he has looking for in a new position. Cody immediately wrote up a report outlining the candidate’s skills and experience and sent it to the DAVRON marketing team. Marketing got to work searching for firms in the candidate’s area and within a week they received a request to set up an interview. An interview was scheduled for two days later on September 19th and Cody made sure to prepare the candidate and get him ready to excel in his interview. After only 20 minutes in the interview, an offer was extended for a Civil Engineer position and the candidate immediately accepted and started working on September 30th. Cody was so happy to be able to match this candidate with a great firm and land him a career in less than two weeks!