Licensed Mechanical Engineer | Arlington, TX

In November 2015, Cody and Blake started a new search for a mechanical engineer.  The client requested for them to locate a licensed Professional Mechanical Engineer who was capable of leading a team.  They were very specific about the qualifications for the perfect match.

They searched for months, finding some possible fits, yet none worked out.  Eventually, they called off what seemed like an impossible find.  The company reached out to us again in June of 2016 regarding the opening.

Cody and Blake searched some more, yet still came up with no one who had all of the requirements the company was looking for.

One day in August, when they had caught up on all of their recent job orders, they went back through the database to make sure no stone was left unturned.  Cody decided to start searching for the mechanical engineer position again.  He began the search and came across someone who seemed like the perfect candidate.  He had every single credential and exact experience to match our client’s specific needs.  Cody immediately sprang to action, reached out to the candidate, and sent his resume over the client.

An entire week passed before they received a response from the company.  They were able to schedule a phone interview for the 1st of September with some persistence.

Cody and Blake received great feedback from both the client and the candidate.  The next step was fulfilling their client’s request of meeting this candidate in person.  With some more persistence, they scheduled an in-person interview.  After this interview, the client’s wanted our candidate to meet the team.  After that interview, our candidate and his spouse met with the client and his spouse for dinner.  Following this fourth encounter/interview, an offer was made!

As of November 1st, 2016, Cody and Blake were finally able to close this job order successfully.