Civil Designer, EIT | Land O Lakes, FL


Several months ago, we were contacted by a Civil Designer, EIT local to Land O Lakes, FL who was seeking a new position close to his area. After reviewing his resume and speaking with him over the phone, he was selected to work with the Davron Candidate Services Team. He brought 28+ years experience in civil and structural design and drafting along with 25+ years in Civil Engineering projects. His project experience varied in scale and included private and public sectors with Residential, Commercial, Major Roadway and County Parks Land Development.

Davron Solution

Davron researched local Civil Engineering and Land Development firms within a close radius to the candidates area and distributed his resume to major decision makers in each firm while informing them of our candidate’s availability. We received a response from a local firm who was seeking a designer with our candidate’s level of experience. An initial phone interview was scheduled right away, and the company was so impressed with our candidate that they requested an in-person interview the very next day. An offer soon followed, and our happy candidate was able to start working with them two weeks later.


Davron is very passionate about recognizing great candidates based on their skills, job history and overall experience and then matching those qualified candidates to companies who are in need of great people. By reaching out to companies directly, we are able to showcase qualified talented candidates for them based on their specific industries, which in turn takes the stress off of the hiring managers. In the end, we were able to find a great new career for our Candidate and in return gained a great new company who has already contacted us to help find their next Engineer!

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