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How to Choose the Best References

Original article, published in the Tampa Bay Times In their quest to land a job, many job seekers forget the importance of providing high quality professional references to their prospective employers. Most job seekers stress over resume format, cover letters, potential interview questions and wardrobe.  While these are all important… Read More »How to Choose the Best References

Interview Tips

Interview Tips | What to do Before, During and After a Job Interview

Job seekers in recent years are faced with intense competition for career opportunities. The ability to effectively communicate your abilities to employers during an interview is very important. Employers spend a lot of time and resources in the recruiting and interviewing process. As a candidate, you need to demonstrate how… Read More »Interview Tips | What to do Before, During and After a Job Interview

Diversity in the Workplace

Diversity in the Workplace

Effectively Managing Diversity in the Workplace and Being Loved by those you Manage Originally published in the Florida Engineering Society Journal Think of a Leader/CEO/Director/ Manager in your life who motivated you, inspired you, and gave you the spark to go above and beyond the call of duty. How would… Read More »Diversity in the Workplace