Professional Land Surveyor

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About this Candidate

Professional Land Surveyor specialized in survey project management and department leadership for a wide variety of survey project types in both the private and public sectors.  This individual is licensed in several states, and can get reciprocity in others very quickly.

This candidate excels in leadership, overseeing all survey activities, increasing department revenue, and working in both Director and Principal-level roles. Their experience is reinforced by great tenure, having spent the last 20 years with just two firms, allowing them to increase profits in their department by over 20% and being awarded employee of the year on multiple occasions!

Over twenty years of land survey and engineering experience, recently serving as Principal Land Surveyor

  • Licensed Professional Land Surveyor in MA and NV with ability to transfer to multiple different states.
  • Experienced manager that oversees all land surveying activities, increases department revenue, and directs responsibilities for land surveying team.


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