Master Plumber

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Looking for a highly skilled Master Plumber with experience in commercial, residential, and industrial plumbing for new construction and renovation projects? Look no further. This candidate is licensed in both IL and IA and has a wealth of experience in hands-on plumbing work as well as managing sales and service teams. They are a proven leader in overseeing installation projects, with an impressive track record of managing over $12M in projects annually for their employer, spread across 4 offices in different states. If you're interested in exploring this candidate further, we'd be happy to provide more information or arrange an interview.


  • Holds Master Plumber licenses in both Illinois and Iowa
  • Sales and service management experience, including P&L responsibility
  • Experienced in estimating for plumbing projects
  • Skilled in residential, commercial, industrial, and service plumbing for both new construction and renovation projects
  • Proficient in working with steam, water, natural gas, and med-gas installations


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