Controls Engineer

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About this Candidate

Controls and Automation Engineer has experience working on large controls systems project for a variety of industries, and is adept with PLCs, HMIs, and Rockwell Automation systems. They are also proficient in the use of Visual Basic, AutoCAD, Solidworks, PanelView, and much more, and hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Multidisciplinary Sciences to include Electrical, Mechanical, and Nanotechnology Engineering.

This individual has great tenure, spending the entirety of his career after graduation with the same firm, where he has gained experience managing teams and solving complex engineering problems. Currently, he is working on a $3 million machine that builds engine bodies through the simultaneous engagement of 11 separate robots that he programs and troubleshoots!

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Nanotechnology, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
  • 7 years of experience working on large control systems projects for various industries
  • Background in troubleshooting and leading during installation, startup, and commissioning
  • Strong understanding of PLC and HMIs, proficient in Rockwell Automation


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