BIM Manager

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About this Candidate

With 8 years of BIM experience, this BIM Manager possesses a strong skill set and expertise in the field. Their proficiency in Revit and AutoCAD enables them to create and manage digital models effectively. They have experience in coordinating, managing, and implementing BIM on various project types, showcasing their versatility and adaptability. Furthermore, their involvement in the full life cycle of projects, from design through construction, highlights their comprehensive understanding of the process. Notably, their leadership as a Senior VDC Engineer during the pandemic led to successful coordination with subcontractors in Germany, resulting in the timely completion of a brewery construction project within 9 months and within budget.


  • 8 years of BIM experience
  • Very proficient with Revit and AutoCAD
  • Experienced in coordination, management and implementation of BIM on various project types
  • Experienced with the full life cycle of a project, from design through construction


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