Construction Project Manager

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About this Candidate

This Project Manager brings over 25 years of construction experience, spanning various projects from new construction to renovations and retrofits. They have worked on diverse ventures such as industrial facilities, medical centers, multifamily housing, and more. With proficiency in project management tools like MS Project, Primavera, and Build Trend, this candidate has successfully collaborated with architects, engineers, owners, subcontractors, and other stakeholders. Notably, they recently completed a remarkable renovation project for a mini hotel/large home that will be featured on Netflix. Overcoming challenges with the designer, this candidate ensured the successful transformation of a $385k property into a stunning Airbnb destination with innovative pool decks, murals, and unique designs.


  • Extensive construction experience working on a variety of projects from new construction to renovations and retrofits.
  • Experience working on small industrial, lab and surgery centers, medical facilities, multifamily, single family, and more.
  • Proficient with MS Project, Primavera, Build Trend, and more
  • Experience working with everyone involved in project from architects, engineers, owners, subcontractors, etc.


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