Architectural Designer

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About this Candidate

This Architectural Designer possesses a strong foundation in creating accurate and efficient architectural drawings, with their 2.5 years of experience utilizing CAD for residential as builts and space planning. Their expertise in CAD is complemented by their dedication to continuous learning, as they are currently expanding their skills in Revit. With a background in residential single-family homes, this candidate brings a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in designing functional and aesthetically pleasing living spaces. Holding a Bachelor of Architecture degree, they combine their education with hands-on experience to deliver high-quality results. Notably, their work on a residential project garnered recognition and was featured in an article, showcasing their ability to create standout designs.


  • 2.5 years’ experience using CAD for residential as builts and space planning
  • Highly skilled in CAD, learning Revit.
  • Background in residential single family homes
  • Bachelor's degree in Architecture


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