Construction Project Coordinator/Manager

Candidate No.

About this Candidate

This talented and driven Construction Project Coordinator/Manager brings a diverse range of experience and achievements to the table. With a solid background in ground-up production home construction, including everything from taping and mudding to home completion, they have successfully delivered high-end homes ranging from 1900 to 3700 square feet, with values exceeding $600K to $1Million+. Additionally, their two years of commercial exteriors project management experience, specializing in roofing, siding, and windows, further showcases their versatility. With a proven track record in project scheduling and subcontractor management, this candidate's accomplishments are highlighted by being the youngest project manager at their previous employer and receiving the prestigious Salesman of the Year award after just two years.


  • 1 year of ground up Production Home construction experience working from taping and mudding to home completion; homes typically between 1900 – 3700 sq ft valued between $600K - $1Million+
  • 2 years of commercial exteriors project management experience; roofing, siding, and windows
  • Project scheduling and subcontractor management experience


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