Construction Project Manager

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About this Candidate

Looking for a Construction Project Manager in Apollo Beach, Florida? Look no further than our accomplished candidate. With experience managing commercial, single family, multifamily, and QC Centers construction projects up to $250 million, this individual is a proven leader in the industry. They have a solid track record of success, having graduated college at 18 and run their own firm for over a decade. They also managed multiple large quality control facilities in Germany despite the challenges of navigating the country's communications and codes. Proficient in a range of construction software including Builders Trend, CoConstruct, Kintones, and Microsoft Office, this candidate would be a valuable asset to any construction team.


  • Over 20 years of experience in construction, specializing in a variety of project types including QC centers, commercial, multifamily, and residential
  • Managed projects up to $250 million
  • Proficient in Builders Trend, CoConstruct, Kintones, and Microsoft Office
  • Experienced in planning, budgeting, supervising, and coordinating various aspects of construction projects


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