Building Engineer

Candidate No.

About this Candidate

Senior Building Engineer specializes in maintenance, repairs, and troubleshooting for automatized and manual building systems like HVAC, plumbing, fire systems, and electrical. Their facility experience encompasses large, complex commercial, residential, corporate office, and mixed-use facilities.  This experience is backed up by a Universal EPA Certification, a renewable Stationary Engineer license, and a high degree of skill with Johnson Controls, Honeywell, and Tracer Summit systems.

This candidate has a history of implementing changes that save their clients’ money. In their current position, they salvaged a lighting system with a $450 circuitry replacement idea that ended up saving $8,500 in repair costs. They also implemented modifications to the HVAC and automated lighting that resulted in an annual utilities costs saving of $21,000!

  • Universal EPA certified, previous Stationary Engineer license can be renewed
  • Experienced with 50-ton chillers, 500-ton cooling towers and heat exchangers, 2 mil BTU boilers
  • Proficient with Maintenance and repairs for HVAC, plumbing, fires systems, scheduling inspections
  • Proficient with various Building Automation systems


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