Hardware Testing / Validation Technician

Candidate No.

About this Candidate

Hardware Testing / Validation Technician has extensive experience in a variety of successful projects, including satellite, radio frequency, electrical circuit, and laser measurement systems. They possess advanced programming skills in Pearl and Python, and have familiarity with Solidworks and C++. Additionally, the candidate has demonstrated proficiency in soldering flight-related cables.

This person created a highly effective system for Intel that improved profits by $15 billion and convinced a client to stay with the company. They were sent to Asia to train others in the system, which was shared rather than patented.

  • Over 20 years of experience working in the satellite industry. Experience includes manufacturing, inspecting, and designing components.
  • RF and microwave experiences for satellite products
  • Currently uses Pearl and Python, has used C++ in the past and is trained in Solidworks.
  • J standard and IPC-610 - can solder and do any cable for anything flight related product


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