Facilities Manager

Candidate No.

About this Candidate

Facilities Manager has successfully managed the MEP, HVAC, cleaning, security, and fire safety needs of large-scale healthcare and commercial facilities. This includes overseeing 14+ sites at a time and leading teams of over 50 employees.

With a previous employer, this candidate spearheaded an initiative to repair the building’s concrete flooring. The flooring was so bad that the previous tenants had actually filed a lawsuit. Our candidate offered to strip, wax, and re-polish the floors and came in on the weekends to do so at no charge. In the end, they were approached by the owner and credited with saving the company over $100,000.

  • 20+ years of leadership experience
  • 8+ years specifically in facilities management
  • Strong Mechanical Aptitude, has experience inspecting, maintaining and repairing MEP and HVAC systems
  • Experience overseeing facility centralized heating and cooling operating system and building management control system; currently using Trane Building Management system


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