CNC Machine Operator and Programmer

Candidate No.

About this Candidate

CNC Machine Operator and Programmer specialized in 3, 4, and 5-axis CNC machine operations, programming, and supervision for a variety of product types including titanium, steel, aluminum, lead, plastics, and more. They are proficient with G and M code, GibbsCAM, Yasnuc, and more.

In a previous position they worked on a multi-year project machining parts for the control boxes that go into helicopters. Due to the nature of the parts, they had to redesign the whole machining process from beginning to end. This ended up being very successful, winning them several internal awards from his company and resulting in the products being used in production for the past several years!

  • Over 25 years of Manufacturing experience
  • 14 years as CNC Programmer/Machinist - proficient in G code, M code, Yasnuc and Fanuc
  • Programming with GibbsCAM
  • Proven ability to lead a team


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