Survey Crew Chief

Candidate No.

About this Candidate

Survey Crew Chief specializes in Boundary, Topographic, As-Built, and other survey types. They have proven experience in the field, working their way up from Rodman, to Instrument Man, and then Crew Chief. Their equipment expertise includes GPS equipment (Trimble), VRS, and Robotic.

One of this candidate’s notable projects was a 20,000 acre solar farm. As the only Surveyor on the project, they performed boundary and topographic surveys and coordinated with contractors. The massive job was completed successfully in just 6 weeks.

  • Skilled in Boundary, Topographic, As-Built, and other survey types
  • Proven field experience working their way up from a Rodman to a Crew Chief
  • Experience with GPS equipment (Trimble), VRS, and robotic equipment
  • Was the only Surveyor on a 20,000 acre solar farm project and completed boundary/topographic surveys in just 6 weeks


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