Industrial Service Technician

Candidate No.

About this Candidate

Senior Industrial Maintenance Technician specializes in industrial mechanical/electrical maintenance, repair, modification, installation, and operations for a variety of manufacturing industries. Their experience is backed up by managerial and supervisory experience, and strong knowledge in advance troubleshooting for control systems, PLCs, HMIs and more.

This individual also focuses on safety and efficiency, always ensuring OSHA standards are followed and striving for a preventative maintenance target of zero unplanned downtime! In a previous supervisory role, he was able to improve production levels from baseline to the point that three additional storage units needed to be ordered to hold all of the additional product. He was also able to complete a large equipment maintenance project using parts he found in-house, avoiding a month long shut down to wait for new equipment to be ordered!

  • Strong focus on advanced troubleshooting on control systems, servo drives, motors, HMIs, & PLCs
  • Strives to have preventive maintenance target of zero unplanned downtime
  • Ability to work from blueprints, maintenance manuals, drawings and sketches


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