Is your company being affected by the Coronavirus outbreak?

Coronavirus COVID-19 and Economic Uncertainty

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is taking a deep toll on the world economy, prompting hundreds of layoffs over the past week alone. Strong job growth and soaring financial markets have fueled the U.S. economic expansion over the past decade. Now the rapid market decline and initial layoffs are heightening fears that the longest economic expansion in U.S. history could come to a sudden end, just a month after unemployment stood at a half-century low.  Company presidents are reviewing current staff levels, instituting hiring freezes, and considering staff cuts wherever possible. If you need to lay off staff due to a major event like this, how will you protect your employer brand from disgruntled employees? How will you mitigate litigation for wrongful termination or increased unemployment claims? What is the right thing to do for those being laid off? And what message do you want to send to your existing staff on how you treat those being laid off?

Promoting health and safety. For everyone.

We understand the growing concern surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19) and our hearts and prayers are with all those who have been impacted. We are committed to continuing to bring you the highest level of service in the safest way possible. As a result, we have enabled work from home capabilities and eliminated all non-essential travel.  We continue to monitor this ever-changing situation and will take necessary measures to ensure all services remain operational and DAVRON is available to our clients.

Whatever business challenges you're facing ahead, we are here to help.

If your company is faced with laying off staff due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), or the deteriorating market conditions, we can help. Our Outplacement Services division can provide the solution you need. We’ll help preserve your reputation, as well as mitigate unemployment claims and potential litigation. And ultimately, we want to help your transitioning employees get back to work. A traditional severance package offering a financial buffer is one solution, however it won’t help those transitioning employees land a job. It’ll just buy them a little more time. Helping your employees land a new job is the ultimate solution. Here’s where Outplacement Services can help and at the same time show your employees your company cares. We are all in this together.  Through our specialized Outplacement division, we’ll take over as soon as you let a staff member go.

Outplacement can help make a difficult situation easier.

Preserve your reputation and mitigate the risk of litigation. Our staffing industry expertise in helping professionals find new career paths gives us the advantage over any other outplacement firm, and ensures a smooth transition period for our clients and their employees!

  • Make a difficult situation a little easier for your company and laid-off employees.
  • Preserve your employer reputation. Show you care by helping transitioning employees find new employment faster.
  • Protect your brand and preserve morale.
  • Reduce the risk of litigation and unemployment claims.

All-inclusive Outplacement Services for only $995.00

Outplacement Services for Layoffs

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Protect your brand and preserve morale.​

We will be sure your previous employees know that you cared enough to offer this package to assist them in getting a new position faster. We will let them know that this is a huge benefit your company has provided for them and it separates your firm from many others. With DAVRON Outplacement Services, we will help protect your brand and preserve morale. By taking advantage of our outplacement service, you also reduce the risk of litigation and unemployment claims.

Advantages of Outplacement Services

DAVRON recruiters provide outplacement services to help place your transitioning employees into new career opportunities.  Our outplacement experts will provide consultation, training, and proactive marketing campaigns so your employees will achieve a successful transition in their career through our outplacement services.

Whether your firm requires outplacement assistance for one employee or one-hundred, from entry-level to executive, we can help!  Our outplacement plans allow you to customize and tailor-fit a solution that’s appropriate for any organization going through downsizing, re-organization, or layoffs.

Outplacement services can preserve your reputation during re-organization and downsizing.

Our outplacement services provide many benefits to both the employer and employee during what could be a difficult transition.  Employers can benefit from lower costs of severance and reduce unemployment claims and litigation, all while preserving morale and reputation.  Transitioning employees are empowered because they are provided with a strategy and tools for success from industry experts.  Meanwhile, existing employees remain motivated and productive during the transition period.  Increase the likelihood of rehiring once laid-off employees and protect your employer brand and reputation.

Outplacement services provide support and education to transitioning employees.

Our outplacement services provide tailored solutions to support transitioning employees so they can get back on their feet faster and with dignity.  Rather than leaving them to their own devices to navigate the complexities of the modern job search environment, let us be their resource and as a result we can help them successfully land a new career opportunity.  Because we educate them on the job search market and provide support and training for various tools and resources, they are better leveraged for success.

How does Davron Outplacement help transitioning staff?

  1. We update and format the resume.  Our professional resume writing helps polish the image the candidate is looking to project, and optimize their resume for keyword relevancy so they will appear at the top of search results.  We focus on formatting their resume so their experience stands out immediately, and make sure their resume includes all the right keywords and phrases that potential employers are looking for!
  2. We teach how to interview.  We will teach them how to dress, what to say, and how to answer specific questions.  We also teach them why it’s so important to send thank you notes and more!  Another part of having a successful interview is knowing what not to do – like why they shouldn’t smoke before their interview or wear perfume/cologne.  They also should not bad mouth their previous employers, that’s you!  We’re experts and we can help them stand out from other candidates with proven interview techniques and tips.
  3. Online Career Branding.  We will optimize their LinkedIn profile or create one for those who need it.  Plus we will publish their resume on all the major career boards such as Monster, Indeed, and CareerBuilder.
  4. Create custom targeted lists of hiring managers at ideal companies. We create highly targeted lists based on their skill set and desired criteria, then deliver that list, in an excel, word, or other format; including company name, hiring managers name, email address, and in most cases a phone number.
  5. We give 24/7 access to our data partner CareerShift and teach them how to use it. What is CareerShift? Find any job advertised from one portal. Find hidden jobs only listed on private corporate websites. Find jobs listed on Monster, Indeed, and LinkedIn all from one convenient place. Look up any company and get everybody that works there plus contact information. Set up a job campaign like no other.
  6. Our dedicated marketing team will create a pro-active and Professional Career Marketing campaign.  Industry experts will promote the candidate’s skills and provide a warm introduction to company hiring managers on their behalf, making the target company aware of their availability, salary requirements, answer questions, and coordinate interviews to get them hired faster!