Manufacturing Engineer

Candidate No.

About this Candidate

Manufacturing Engineer specializes in improving processes, quality, and profitability for the manufacturing industry. Their expertise includes workflow, space requirements, equipment layouts, SOP’s, scrap reduction, and more.

This candidate’s hands-on experience is backed up by a Master’s of Science degree, and strong working knowledge of Lean and Kaizen concepts. With a previous employer, they were given the task of reducing the amount of foam used in automotive interiors. They successfully reduced the amount enough to save the company 10% on material costs, without compromising comfort or safety.

  • Masters of Science - Information Technology, Project Management
  • 20+ years of experience improving manufacturing processes
  • Experience analyzing and planning workflow, space requirements, and equipment layouts in an effort to increase production
  • Experience with various types of foam, plastic, and metals
  • Machine installation and maintenance experience
  • Strong working knowledge of Lean and Kaizen concepts and processes


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