Layoffs are hard.

Florida Outplacement Services and Career Transition Specialists

We can help make a difficult situation easier.

Preserve your reputation and mitigate the risk of litigation. Our staffing industry expertise in helping professionals find new career paths gives us the advantage over any other outplacement firm, and ensures a smooth transition period for our clients and their employees! Be proactive, not reactive, DAVRON offers outplacement services for all of Florida! 

  • Make a difficult situation a little easier for your company and laid-off employees.
  • Preserve your employer reputation. Show you care by helping transitioning employees find new employment faster.
  • Protect your brand and preserve morale.
  • Reduce the risk of litigation and unemployment claims.

All-inclusive Outplacement Services for only $995.00!

Advantages of Outplacement Services

Florida companies that can master and leverage the delicate balance between cutting costs to survive market conditions today, while investing to grow for a better tomorrow, can triumph after an economic downturn. Studies show that companies who shut down operations and waited it out experienced a much longer recovery. Worse, some are never able to get the foot hold they once had. 

We understand the nuances of outplacement and career transition services Florida state demands. DAVRON recruiters provide outplacement services to help place your transitioning employees into new career opportunities faster. Our outplacement experts will provide consultation, training, and proactive marketing campaigns so your employees will achieve a successful transition in their career through our outplacement services.

Florida Outplacement services can preserve your reputation during re-organization and downsizing.

Our outplacement services provide many benefits to both the employer and employee during what could be a difficult transition. Florida employers can benefit from lower costs of severance and reduce unemployment claims and litigation, all while preserving morale and reputation. Transitioning employees are empowered because they are provided with a strategy and tools for success from industry experts. Meanwhile, existing employees remain motivated and productive during the transition period. Increase the likelihood of rehiring once laid-off employees and protect your employer brand and reputation.

Florida Outplacement services provide support and education to transitioning employees.

Our outplacement services provide tailored solutions to support transitioning employees so they can get back on their feet faster and with dignity. Rather than leaving them to their own devices to navigate the complexities of the modern job search environment, let us be their resource and as a result we can help them successfully land a new career opportunity.  Because we educate them on the job search market and provide support and training for various tools and resources, they are better leveraged for success.

Serving all of Florida, including Tampa Bay, Orlando, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Jacksonville.

Let us take it from here.

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Preserve your Reputation and Reduce the Risk of Litigation

DAVRON's All-Inclusive Outplacement Package

Everything you need to kick-start your job search into high gear and start your new career quickly!
$ 995
  • Expertly written resume by staffing experts. If someone is looking for you, we will make sure that you will be found. Keyword-rich to match job postings as well as optimized to pass recruiting software. Internally tested search relevancy scoring and keyword tagging. We will make sure you will be found by someone searching for your skill sets!
  • Personal Career Mentor to provide one-on-one job interview preparation and career coaching sessions with leading employment experts. You will learn how to hack your job search and get noticed by hiring managers faster! We will provide you with industry insider tips and techniques to help your application stand out from the crowd. We teach the best interview practices to land the job; like what to say, how to dress, send a thank you note after the interview, and more!
  • Optimize your LinkedIn Profile. Not only will we optimize your profile for keyword relevancy and scoring, we will also vastly expand your network connections. We will add skill endorsements, as well as professionally edit your LinkedIn profile picture.
  • Establish online presence with career branding and keyword optimization by posting your resume to Monster, Indeed, and CareerBuilder. We will upload your resume to the three largest career sites and fill out your profile with all the right information so you will get calls from potential employers.
  • Custom targeted list of hiring managers at ideal companies. Want to stay local or work in Miami or LA? Looking for a Fortune 500 or a start-up culture? We create highly targeted lists based on your skill set and desired criteria, then deliver that list to you, in an excel, word, or other format; including company name, hiring managers name, email address, and in most cases a phone number.
  • Personalized and pro-active career marketing campaign. We will provide warm introductions to company hiring managers on your behalf. We will make targeted companies aware of your skills, salary requirements, answer questions, and coordinate interviews.
  • Receive six months, 24/7 premium access and training to this online job search, management, and lead generating portal. A $360.00 value, totally free, only through DAVRON! Search millions of records just like the professional headhunters at DAVRON. Easily find the hiring managers at any company along with their direct contact information.

Interested in tailoring our Outplacement Services to your transitioning employees?

Take a look at our Career Services à la carte offerings.  Volume discounts apply.

How does Davron Outplacement help transitioning staff?

  1. We update and format the resume.  Our professional resume writing helps polish the image the candidate is looking to project, and optimize their resume for keyword relevancy so they will appear at the top of search results.  We focus on formatting their resume so their experience stands out immediately, and make sure their resume includes all the right keywords and phrases that potential employers are looking for!
  2. We teach how to interview.  We will teach them how to dress, what to say, and how to answer specific questions.  We also teach them why it’s so important to send thank you notes and more!  Another part of having a successful interview is knowing what not to do – like why they shouldn’t smoke before their interview or wear perfume/cologne.  They also should not bad mouth their previous employers, that’s you!  We’re experts and we can help them stand out from other candidates with proven interview techniques and tips.
  3. We give 24/7 access to our data partner CareerShift and teach them how to use it. What is CareerShift? Find any job advertised from one portal. Find hidden jobs only listed on private corporate websites. Find jobs listed on Monster, Indeed, and LinkedIn all from one convenient place. Look up any company and get everybody that works there plus contact information. Set up a job campaign like no other.
  4. Our dedicated marketing team will create a pro-active and Professional Career Marketing campaign.  Industry experts will promote the candidate’s skills and provide a warm introduction to company hiring managers on their behalf, making the target company aware of their availability, salary requirements, answer questions, and coordinate interviews to get them hired faster!

Why People love DAVRON Outplacement...

Included with every Outplacement! Six-months of FREE... only through DAVRON!

Search for jobs like the DAVRON pros! All outplacement packages receive training and 24/7 access to – DAVRON’s online job search, management, and lead generating portal.  Search millions of records just like the professional headhunters at DAVRON! Easily find the hiring managers at any company along with their direct contact information.

  • 24/7 online access to DAVRON’s matchmaking portal
    Use our system to send out your resume to hiring managers automatically. Easily organize and track your job search
  • Reach Hiring Managers and Decision Makers
    Get up-to-date contact information, including top hiring managers and decision maker’s e-mail addresses, for millions of companies.
  • In-Depth Job Leads
    Access in-depth information about contacts and companies posting jobs.
  • Organize your Job Search
    Organize, search and save contact records. Save and store your correspondence history automatically.
  • Personalized Marketing Campaigns
    Use our system to send out your resume up to one-hundred hiring managers per day. Create personal marketing campaigns. Send out resumes and cover letters easily and automatically.
  • No Commitment or Obligation unless our Outplacement Services are Utilized!
    There is no up-front costs or commitment, only pay for the transitioning staff that utilize our outplacement services.

Outplacement Services for Florida Employers

DAVRON provides outplacement services to clients in diverse industries from Fortune 500 companies to small successful local companies. Our career transition specialists are uniquely qualified to assist you with your outplacement and downsizing needs. Let us take it from here.

Career Counseling for Florida Job Seekers

DAVRON specializes in engineering staffing, as well as architects, construction leaders and related industries at NO COST to the candidate. Our Clients depend on us to find that perfect match and pay us to find uniquely skilled talent. If you would like to explore our available job opportunities, please call 1-888-9DAVRON to speak with a recruitment expert, or submit your resume to one of our job postings.

Florida Outplacement Services and Career Transition Specialists